[REVIEW] Yu-Be SPF30 Lip Therapy

There is so much talk in the skin care community about the importance of daily SPF, but I have been really surprised by the lack of discussion around lip SPF products like Yu-Be SPF30 Lip Therapy! In fact, I have been on the lookout for SPF lip products lately, but I haven’t seen many available options being talked about and certainly not many above SPF 15.

It’s important that we include lip SPF in the conversation about sun protection, because the lips are so often forgotten.

UV Filters:
1. Avobenzone 3%
2. Homosalate 7.5%
3. Octisalate 5%
4. Octocrylene 2.5%
5. Oxybenzone 6%

First things first, I love that this is SPF 30! It feels great on the lips and doesn’t leave a white cast on me, but it is worth noting that I am pretty pale. I would think because it uses chemical filters, it would be suitable for darker skin tones as well, but I can’t verify it myself to be 100% certain.

This product doesn’t feel as moisturizing and nourishing as their lip balm without SPF (which is super nourishing BTW, review in feed), but I ultimately don’t think that’s a bad thing at all because otherwise I would forget to reapply! I imagine lip SPF should be applied at least every two hours and I find myself reapplying this a few times a day, so I think that’s probably about appropriate in terms of sun protection.

Does anyone else really enjoy rubbing their lips together after applying lip balm? I find that when I rub my lips together excessively immediately after application, I do get a hint of the taste of sunscreen in my mouth. Nothing major at all, in fact I found this to be much less the case than with other lip SPF product I have tried.

Price Point: $7 USD for 1, $12 USD for 2, or $15 USD for 3

Repurchase? I have been loving this SPF lip product and can see a repurchase in the future! That being said, I want to try some other products before repurchasing just to explore all of the options.

I am hoping to turn this review into a series reviewing lip SPF products. If there are any you would like to see me review or favorites you recommend, please let me know!

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