[REVIEW] VerdeKin Hibiscus & Mallow Cleansing Melt

Vibrant crimson and buttery soft to the touch, this is the decadent Hibiscus & Mallow cleansing melt from VerdeKin. Super rich in vitamin C, hibiscus also has gentle exfoliating properties thanks to natural AHAs. Mallow is anti-inflammatory and soothes irritated skin, alongside white clay, jojoba and borage.

The first time I used this I was a little disconcerted by the colour as I massaged it into my skin, since I have mild rosacea seeing your face turn red is slightly alarming. But I got used to it and the ingredients are so beneficial for calming and repairing that I don’t mind and actually enjoy the vivid shade.

I love how this gently lifts away all makeup and dirt from the day, leaving my skin plump and hydrated. The most noticeable thing I can say about this cleanser is how comfortable my skin feels afterwards, not really had that before, it feels content and cosseted. It doesn’t turn completely milky as such when you add water but the texture does become more velvety and it rinses clean.

You can also add a little water and turn the cleanser into a silky treatment serum to be left on the skin which I’ve enjoyed when I needed some nourishment. I’m so happy to have been sent this beautiful cleanser to try, thank you Polly. Do check out VerdeKin Organic Skin Apothecary- all the products are handmade in small batches in North Somerset. The rose petals in the photo were sprinkled throughout the parcel I received.

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