[REVIEW] Ultrasun Face Fluid SPF50+ Tinted Honey

The Ultrasun Face Fluid SPF50+ Tinted Honey lotion is no ordinary SPF its an anti-aging treatment that helps to blur away the look of imperfections and protects your skin from sun damage. It contains a naturally occurring enzyme called ectoin, which create a barrier against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

I previously loved Heliocare SPF but I found their SPF to be too runny and messy. It left my face shiny and I hate a shiny looking face. I was looking into Ultrasun for a while but wasnt sure which was most suitable as im south asian l hate SPF that leave a white cast.

The honey tint is perfect for my skin tone. I love that its matte and gives you a healthy looking glow. This gorgeous SPF is hydrating enough to be worn as a moisturiser. Its not heavy on my skin and it does blur the odd imperfection. Its reassuring that it minimises photo-ageing too.

For me its ticks my boxes: high spf 50, perfect tint, absorbs quickly and its anti-aging which is a bonus. The packaging is solid, the fluid is runny but it doesn’t leak everywhere wasting product and makes a mess. Which pleases me as it isn’t cheap. Oh and its unscented too!!

SPF should be worn 365 days of the year this here is my new companion, would l class it as a holy grail? Absolutely, l love it! I’d love to know whether you have tried Ultrasun Face fluid or what’s your current favourite SPF?

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