[REVIEW] U BEAUTY The Super Smart Hydrator

U BEAUTY is a much loved and hyped,high end brand that l had to try. I purchased it during the Christmas period when it was on offer of 25% off and it was the ideal time when winter plays havoc on my skin. I bought both products but today I’m reviewing ‘The Super Smart Hydrator‘.

This moisturiser is formulated with the U Beauty’s patent-pending HYDRA-SIREN capsule, which targets dry, rough patches and helps to prevent harm from free radicals. When it comes to hydration this little fella is made up of 5 unique Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates deep into your skins layer to lock in moisture, repair damaged skin barrier and gives you that much needed glow this time of year.

Main ingredients are: Hyaluronic acid, peptides,Shea Butter, peptides, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed oil and organic Argan oil.

So, you can imagine the Super Smart Hydrator is very rich formula. Suitable for all skin types. I personally believe this moisturiser is perfect if your skin is parched or very dry. I used the hydrator for two weeks. Twice a day after the Resurfacing compound serum which i’ll review shortly. There’s no denying it is a luxury rich cream. However it was too thick and heavy for my liking. It healed my dry sore patches around my my mouth but unfortunately broke me out around my check and forehead and it is very rare that a products does that too me.

I purchased the 15mls thankfully and as much as the packaging is aesthetically pleasing l struggled to get the last bit of the product out which is very disappointing as l always scrape the bottom of a barrel especially when the product is priced at £65 for 15mls.

This product is loved by many but unfortunately its not for me. Am l disappointed or do l have any regret? No, If you don’t try then you’ll never know and curiosity keeps me awake and my palms itching so i’m glad l did.

Will l repurchase it , obviously no, but would l recommend it? Yes, absolutely to anyone who has dry, parched skin and loves heavy duty moisturisers. I have no doubt you will love this moisturiser for sure.

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