[REVIEW] Tweak’d Restore Revitalizing Hair Treatment Mist

Tweak’d Restore Revitalizing Hair Treatment Mist in the limited edition Coco – Nutty. The formula is designed to be versatile in helping to restore dry/damaged hair, condition, detangle, or use as a nighttime treatment. This can also be sprayed on your face and skin or spray this on your face mask to refreshen this.

This is my all time favourite leave in spray it’s designed to help tame your hair and naturally cleanse your hair and scalp. The formula never leaves my hair feeling weighed down or greasy, just makes my hair feel fuller and bouncy and nourished with soft silky shiny hair. The spray is a fine mist which spreads evenly, this can be used on wet or dry hair. The smell is so fresh and divine and not to overpowering just a gentle subtle scent.


1. 92% Reduction Of Breakage on chemical bleached, dry, damaged frizzy hair.
2. Refreshes Dull Hair
3. Morning or Nighttime leave in Treatment
4. Natural Clean ingredients
5. Can be applied on Skin, Scalp and Hair
6. Clean Beauty Brand
7. Hydration

Have you tried this range! What’s your favourite product?

Please always do your research when looking into these ingredients, these are products I personally love using.

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