[REVIEW] Trilogy Cream Cleanser

I first heard about this Trilogy Cream Cleanser on Crueltyfreebecky YouTube channel (what a babe) and it turned out to be a really good recommendation! Originally formulated by 2 sisters in New Zealand, it’s a cream cleanser that’s suitable for all skin types, but really good for sensitive/ dry skin as it’s gentle and doesn’t strip all the good stuff from your face.

Key ingredient oils (all organic):
1. Rosehip
2. Evening primrose
3. Carrot
4. Jojoba

I bought this one from Holland & Barrett for £23.50, so it’s a little more expensive than some drugstore products but no where near as expensive as some other skincare brands. It’s easy to use, just remove make up first then apply to wet skin. Work the creamy cleanser in, enjoy the floral scent, then wash or tissue off. I personally have dry and spot prone skin so use a more exfoliating cleanser alongside this one when I need to get a deeper clean. However, this is perfect for calming the skin and just keeping it refreshed and smooth.

If you like the rosehip vibe, there’s also a bunch of other products in this range. Comes in a really nice frosted brown glass bottle that makes you feel fancy! The brown glass actually helps keep sunlight off the product keeping it fresh and when it’s finished you can reuse or recycle.

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