[REVIEW] Thank You Farmer Phyto Relieful Cica Ampoule

Always happy to review from one of my fav brands Thank You Farmer featuring one of my fav ingredient, this is Phyto Relieful Cica Ampoule.

The Claim:
1. “8-Relieful Complex™”: 8 special soothing ingredients that brings relief to inflamed and irritated skin
2. Centella Asiatica Extract provides an excellent wound healing effect and helps to calm skin.
3. pH-balanced formula keeps your skin healthy by optimizing skin’s oil and moisture balance
4. Non-sticky and non-greasy finish
5. Packaged in a convenient hygienic pump bottle.

My Experience:
Centella Asiatica (cica) has been a trending ingredient in kbeauty for awhile now. What brand doesn’t have a cica line these days? I’ve tried my fair share of cica products and I know my skin is a fan. I like the pump bottle delivery, which the texture is well suited for. It is a pretty lightweight liquid that absorbs easily into the skin. No stickiness or scent whatsoever. My skin is usually pretty cooperative so I don’t feel the need for cica all the time. I like to use it after acids and it does feel soothing. I feel cica is most beneficial for sensitive skin types. This reminds me a lot of the Be Plain Cicaful Ampoule if you’ve tried that. I didn’t like the dropper of that one so the Thank You Farmer one is a better option.

I am happy that Thank You Farmer has joined the cica train and delivered their take on this ingredient. We can always do with more competition to the market, and Thank You Farmer is pretty much always reliable for me. In saying that, if you already have a cica product you are happy with, no need to rush out to get this.

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