[REVIEW] Srida Herbals Daily Glow Serum

By now I’m sure you all know how much I love natural skincare products and today I have another one for you! This Daily Glow Serum is from Srida Herbals, which is a brand that focuses on holistic skincare. This serum is natural, organic and it only has 11 ingredients.

1. Rice oil – draws moisture out of the air and into your skin
2. Camellia seed oil – helps reduce skins water loss and support the skins barrier
3. Meadowfoam seed oil – eases dry, cracked skin, reduces redness and helps retains skins moisture
4. Rosehip seed oil – stimulates collagen production and can be beneficial to scars and stretch marks
5. Carrot seed oil – helps minimize fine lines, scars and sun damage
6. Evening Primrose – prevents moisture loss and reduces redness
7. Elderberry extract – reduces inflammation
8. Sea Buckthorn extract – repairs and regenerates skin
9. Lavender Essential Oil – soothes skin and provides aromatherapy benefits
10. Vitamin E – helps retain skins moisturize and fights free radicals to protect your skin from damage
11. Rosemary leaf extract – minimizes puffiness and soothes skin

My Experience:
This serum has a really nice natural scent and even though it’s packed with a ton of beneficial oils, it’s still quite lightweight and absorbs very well! This Daily Glow Serum is best suited for people with extremely dry, sensitive or normal skin types. My skin is oily, so I’ve found it to be a little much for me during the day, especially with the recent heat/humidity, but it’s very soothing at bedtime and leaves my skin with a beautiful glow the next morning! Because this serum is organic, it’s safe to use on your body as well and I absolutely love it for my body!! It doesn’t have that oily, slick feeling, and it does wonderful calming my irritated dry spots!

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