REVIEW: SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Scrub

I think SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Scrub‘s smells more like chocolate than coffee. Btw Cacao is in the ingredients list but that smells nothing like chocolate. Actually reminds me of the smell of Oreos. Don’t worry if you are not into food like me, the smell is not that strong, which I like!

The Claim:
1. Non-irritant body scrub that contains the combination of Caffeine and Cera Biome to improve skin texture.
2. Offers moisture barrier for skin with Aquaxyl.
3. Effectively helps with balancing sebum and oil.
4. Strengthens skin barrier with Cera Biome.
5. Moisturizes your skin with 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid.
6. The active ingredients are fermented for 72 hours with the Deep Press Method that it can be absorbed easily and transmitted into skin.
7. Offers the Synergy effect of Coffee Power and Walnut Shell.
8. The non-irritant texture contains walnut shell that gently adheres to the skin

My Take:
I like this scrub because it’s not loose like another brand’s coffee scrub, but so it doesn’t get messy with use. The walnut particles are medium sized so it actually exfoliates well but is not super rough. There’s a good ratio between grain particles and cream – which is super important! Too little or too much can ruin a good scrub. You can tell by the name that it is a combination of coffee + hyaluronic, so offers hydration for your skin. My skin doesn’t feel stripped of moisture but really, since it’s a wash off product, I don’t think it’s really that important. I always moisturize afterwards anyway.

After success with this scrub I’m definitely interested in trying more from the cafferonic line, especially after seeing some great reviews.

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