[REVIEW] Read The Label H.I.P.P.Y Body Butter

Read The Label are devoted to producing natural body and skincare products that are sustainable and kind to both you and the environment. Firstly I just want to talk about the texture of H.I.P.P.Y Body Butter. My Lord it’s beauty. It has a mousse / whipped consistency which melts into the skin instantly providing immediate moisture to dry skin.

The scent is very earthy and musky as it’s formulated with patchouli and hemp oils, and although it’s not a scent I would usually pick for cosmetics, I actually find it very grounding and relaxing. Alternatively there is a Manoi and mango body butter which is meant to have a vanilla scent so I may try this next time! At £9.50 a jar I really think it’s good value for money considering the freshness of the product and the quality ingredients that go into each one.

There are SO many other products available from Read The Label, such as skin toners, face masks and soap bars. They’ve recently launched a soap box subscription in which you get 3 different soaps for £9.97 which is crazy good for price. Each soap is said to last about a month so that’s 3 months of natural homemade soap delivered straight to your door for under a tenner! You can also mix and match the bars – variety being the spice of life and all that! Whatever your needs, I’m sure this brand will have something just for you.

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