[REVIEW] Pura Cosmetics Prosecco Bubbles Lip Scrub

Usually, we love others but not ourselves and self-love is so important! I also noticed that everyone is focused on the lips, so I remembered my delicious Pura Cosmetics Prosecco Bubbles Lip Scrub which is reminding me of good summer days.

This is what I discovered:
– Sugar lip scrub;
– Texture: sugar;
– Scent: sweet, reminds of strawberries;
– Contains: Golden Caster Sugar (Sucrose), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus Armeniaca), Mica (Mica) & Flavouring Oil (Extract Flavor);
– Vegan: Yes;
– Cruelty-free: Yes;
– Plastic free packaging;
– Packaging: glass jar;
– Price: £4.99 at Pura Cosmetics ;
– Mine was part of a beauty box;
– Volume: 24 g;
– Made in the UK.

1. The smell is intense but pleasant (personal);
2. It exfoliates effectively but gently without hurting your lips;
3. Natural ingredients;
4. Sustainable/recyclable/plastic free packaging;
5. If eaten accidentally it is not dangerous and delicious;
5. Handmade.

1. It can get quite messy, so need to be careful;
2. Tub packaging can be tricky as to not to contaminate the product.

I really like this scrub as the sugar is fine as I don’t like to rub huge particles and especially on my lips. Also, the smell is so sweet and pleasant that I could just eat it. I am not a big fan of lip scrubs but this one was so pleasant to use!

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