REVIEW: Philosophy The Microdelivery Dream Peel

One peel to rule them all! Philosophy The Microdelivery Dream Peel with 6% aha/bha is an absolute gift that keeps on giving! I’m gonna be honest here – I wanted it for the longest time, but not because I needed another peel, I wanted it solely for the dreamy pink colour (yes, I’m shallow, MOVING ON!).

It’s packaged in an excellent format with a silicone applicator that you use to spread the peel around your face and then you can lock it to avoid any product spills.

The gel formula doesn’t feel heavy on the face and pink colour makes sure you do not miss a spot or put it too close to your eyes.

The gel dries off in 15 minutes and forms a light film on your face so you do not smudge your pillow, but admittedly when you wake up you do look a bit like you’ve been sleeping in a jar of strawberry jam.

You can experience slight tingling sensation whilst using it, but it doesn’t irritate your skin and I had no issues even whilst using it every other day.

Results from this product are incredible – it cleared out my post-acne and completely killed fresh, smaller inflammations. I also have a bit of pigmentation and some scars on my face and I’ve noticed they’ve lightened a bit after consistent use.

Normally price: $80.

Overall, out of the peels I own this one definitely takes the win and I think it’s a solid contender for my top ten skincare 2021.

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