[REVIEW] PEP Cosmetics Revitalizing Essence

I’ve been using PEP Cosmetics Revitalizing Essence for over 2 months. I waited to review for 2 reasons:
1. Among it’s claims are anti-aging, which takes time to assess;
2. I had a hard time fitting it into my routine at first! But I’m glad I waited bc my impressions changed pretty dramatically.

There are some key directions for the PEP Revitalizing Essence: use on skin that has been cleansed with an exfoliating cleanser & wait at least an hour if you want to use additional products after. I questioned the hour & was told I could proceed sooner if the product had fully absorbed but an hour is ideal (or no product after, at all). I don’t use exfoliating cleansers, so this was part of my initial struggle. I use Stratia’s Soft Touch AHA & Paula’s Choice BHA – each has its own 20 min wait time. So I was looking at 80-90 mins for a 2 product routine. But I now I use an exfoliating mask in the shower (Tata Harper or Peach & Lily), then use this post-shower. I also mist with a dual-phase mist after the application of Pep’s Revitalizing Essence & let it all absorb. This is my personal best way!

Typically kbeauty essences are thin & watery but this is thick like a serum. The clear gel absorbs into my dry skin easily & is tacky at first but is easily spread & dry down. They recommend night use. When I was first using it, I was using it every other day & my skin wasn’t happy with the extra exfoliation. It also craved the layers of hydration from toners! So I adapted & now use it 2-3 times a week. The other nights (& mornings!) I use my typical longer routines.

After 2 months of use I’m really impressed with the results! It makes my skin very soft & smooth. I wondered if this was due to the exfoliation & that’s def a factor, but I also tested without an exfoliant & it still made my skin very smooth. Even my one hand after rubbing in the product from the second photo had a noticeable improvement. I’ve also noticed subtle improvements in both my forehead & eye fine lines! This wasn’t evident at first, esp when I was overexfoliating & not using my other products as much. But now I have a good routine & I’m impressed. I use one pump & apply it to my forehead, undereyes & around my mouth. This is definitely the first product I’ve used that has shown such visible results.

Now some caveats: I don’t use retinol or tret yet except DDG’s eye serum; I’m genetically blessed with skin that makes me look younger than I am; I don’t get laser treatments or any other anti-aging procedures. If you do (& even if you don’t!) YMMV. Also, it’s pricey: a 30 ml bottle is $175. The brand recommends using it within 9 months of RECEIPT bc there aren’t preservatives. One minor criticism I had was that while I love an airless pump, especially one that shows how much product is left, I feel for the price point that the packaging should be glass or somehow more luxe. But honestly I’d rather a brand invest in its products than packaging

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