REVIEW: Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Cleansing Balm

When it comes to first cleansers if it doesn’t emulsify well – it’s a no go for me. Luckily, this Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Cleansing Balm is everything I want in a first cleanse and more.

What do I like about it?

1. It’s in a tube meaning I don’t have to to look for a spatula or put my chunky fingers in a jar. It’s also travel friendly! I would prefer it not to have a screw cap though – snap on would’ve been more convenient.

2. It’s fragrance free meaning it can be used on sensitive skin.

3. It has a barrier repairing complex that helps with water loss during cleansing, so it’s perfect for winter as it doesn’t leave my skin dry.

4. IT EMULSIFIES LIKE A DREAM! Add a bit of water and the balm becomes a milk that removes all the dirt and grime, sunscreen and even heavy make up. It doesn’t leave any greasy or heavy feeling after being washed off either.

5. It’s just $35 which I believe is an excellent price for a balm cleanser, as so many good balms ones this category are $50+.

Overall, I would recommend it and will definitely consider repurchasing once it’s back in stock.

Have you tried this Paula’s Choice cleanser yet? What do you think?

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