[REVIEW] Olga Lorencin Skin Care Weightless Moisturizer

The first time I used Olga Lorencin Skin Care Weightless Moisturizer, I quite surprised by how it balances a certain quality of richness and creaminess while still feeling quite lightweight on the skin. It spreads and absorbs easily on the skin.

Cruelty Free Status: Unknown
NOT Fragrance Free (Undisclosed Fragrance)

Ingredient Highlights:
1. Peptides
2. Ceramide NS
3. Oat Kernel Extract
4. Willow Bark Extract
5. Squalane

I have been really impressed by how nourishing this product has been for how lightweight it feels on the skin. For my desert-dry skin, it works as a daytime moisturizer, but isn’t nourishing enough to be used as a standalone moisturizer for nighttime use. In the evenings, I either use a different moisturizer entirely or I layer a more occlusive moisturizer on top.

I suspect something in the undisclosed fragrance of this moisturizer doesn’t get along with my skin super well because if my skin is already slightly irritated when I apply this product, it tends to burn and flush. It doesn’t seem to cause any irritation by itself, but it certainly amplifies any irritation my skin may be experiencing.

That said, my partner loves peptides in his skin care and he hasn’t had issues with irritation with this one, so he has been loving it!

One thing to call out is that this moisturizer is marketed as oil-free but it does have squalene in it. I personally would consider squalene to be an oil personally. I love oils in my skincare, so I don’t mind this at all, but I would imagine this might be annoying to someone who wants their products to be oil free.

Price Point: $75 USD for 50 mL

Repurchase? I would not repurchase this because it just didn’t seem to get along with my skin great. I would rather use moisturizers that don’t aggravate irritations.

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