[REVIEW] Nuthing Blue Shimmer Shave & Shower Sorbet

Ever noticed that shaving gels/ creams mainly look like they’re aimed at the over 50s? Yeah me too. Have you also noticed that most are not vegan or cruelty-free? Yup. Although bright & glittery is not usually my thing when it comes to cosmetics, Nuthing Blue Shimmer Shave & Shower Sorbet definitely stood out from the rest on the shelf so I thought let’s give them a go! Plus they were on offer which always helps.

Available in 3 scents: pineapple & coconut, strawberry & watermelon, & passion fruit & blueberry, each of these are bound to make you feel like a sexy smooth jellybean. Bit weird, but kind of into it? Me too.

As with any other shaving gel, just apply directly to wet skin & shave away! This lathers up a little but won’t become a foam like some other brands. I must admit, the glitter does actually add a little something special to this very tedious task & the smell definitely lifts my mood! Also don’t worry, you won’t be shimmering like Edward Cullen for the rest of the day. Are we doing old school Twilight references now? I suppose so.

Other key features:
1. Gives a nice smooth shave
2. Can be used on intimate areas
3. Enriched with real fruit extracts
4. Includes aloe Vera & vits E & B5
5. Suitable for sensitive skin
6. Free from parabens & sulphates
7. Vegan & cruelty free

Shower sorbets are usually £6.99 each, but are currently better than half price at Superdrug Hair removal jelly’s are also available in the same scents. I picked up a couple of these aswell so will let you know how I get on.

Would you try these?

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