[REVIEW] Navinka Nightly Calibrator

I’ve told you about Navinka and their T-zone and cheeks moisturizer duo. And now, I’m going to tell you about their Nightly Calibrator. As a fan of chemical exfoliants, I was expecting to enjoy this and those expectations were met.

The nightly calibrator is powered by Mandelic Acid and Phytic Acid to reveal luminous skin, while minimizing pores and reducing dark spots. Nightly Calibrator is like a toner. It has a very thin consistency, so it’s a perfect first step after cleansing. I layer any other serums and moisturizers over this exfoliant.

I’m always hesitant to give up my retinol, but my skin did not suffer for it. I definitely noticed a glow waking up in the morning, and I did not experience any irritation. The addition of elderberry fruit, shiitake mushroom, and reishi mushroom extract bolster the acids to help strengthen the skin barrier too. I particularly love this ingredient list and all the natural ingredients incorporated into the Nightly Calibrator.

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