Review: MixX Lab Bifida Ferment 3% Repairing Essence

I want to introduce, define, and provide the benefits of using MixX Lab Bifida Ferment 3% Repairing Essence. An essence, is a lightweight skincare serum that targets skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, dull and uneven skin tones it is not a toner. Typically an essence is applied as a prepping to effectively absorb products.

MIXX LAB Bifida ferment 3% Repairing Essence works miracles on the skins moisture barrier and protects the skins health and youth from the inside out provides skin balance healing blemishes, inflammation, acne, irritation, dullness, dryness, and accelerated signs of aging. The Essence is a lightweight water- type, an effective anti-oxidant formulated with probiotics for calming relief of red, sensitive skin, dry, and sun damaged skin.

My Results:
I gently smoothed a few drops over my entire face and neck. The essence is fragrance-free and has a clean, light feeling, quickly dried down and leaves no tacky residue. My skin felt soft and hydrated, looks bright and youthful. I love the all natural ingredients, frosted glass bottle, and eco-friendly packaging. I recommend this Essence, try it! YOU will LOVE and see the difference, try this rewarding skincare step and other MixX Laboratory skincare solutions at

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