[REVIEW] Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule

A quick empty review for one of my favorite serums from this year, it’s Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule.

What is it?
A multifunctional serum that hydrates, moisturizes and strengthens the skin.

What’s in it?
A good question is “what isn’t in it?” A bunch of fermented ingredients (>50%) to improve skin elasticity. Niacinamide for brightening. Squalane, panthenol, and adenosine to soothe and restore the skin. Beetroot, cabbage, carrot, and eggplant extracts.

How does it feel?
A medium-weight consistency has a bit of body to it. Sinks nicely in the skin without the feeling of heaviness.

The Time Revolution Night Repair Probiotic Serum has been hyped as a dupe for the Estée Lauder Advances Repair serum. I’ve tried Estée Lauder’s serum awhile ago and I think Missha’s version is much better formulated.

Though I can’t say that I saw a drastic result, but that doesn’t matter because this serum feels so good to use. It effortlessly glides on the skin. It’s hydrating with a slight feel of moisturization. Yet the finish is light and breathable.

Have you tried this serum from Missha?

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