[REVIEW] Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Propolis Rejuvenating Essence Toner

I received the Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Propolis Rejuvenating Essence Toner from Banila Co for free in exchange for a review.

An essence toner packed with three kinds of premium honey ingredients that melt instantly into the skin to help damaged and/or rough skin.

Notable Ingredients:
Royal Jelly, Honey Butter Beeswax, Honey Propolis, and peptides.


Use: After cleansing, apply an adequate amount onto the skin, patting until it is absorbed.

My Experience:
This is a milky hydrating toner that contains honey and peptides. The toner is not heavy but it does moisturize and hydrate the skin. I add about a nickel sized amount to my skin and pat it to absorb. It provides a light glow to the skin without feeling heavy or greasy. There’s a faint scent of honey to the toner, but this dissipates once it’s on the skin. There’s also slight tackiness to the skin but it goes away once you add the next product.

My skin is combo/dry and this product works great for it. It smooths out my skin and on very hot days, I can add a few layers and not need to add any moisturizer afterwards. I’m really loving how nice this toner feels and what it’s doing for my skin. I currently have their cream in my skincare stash and now I’m excited to start using that too.

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