[REVIEW] Meebak Cica & Vitamin C Serum

Today I’m featuring Cica & Vitamin C Serum – Brighten + Replenish from Meebak that I’ve been using and it has TWO of my favorite ingredients: CICA & Vitamin C!

1. Restores Moisture
2. Reduces Redness
3. Brightens Skin Tone
4. Soothes Irritated Skin
5. Minimizes Signed of Aging
6. Infuses Skin with Essential Nutrients

My Experience:
This serum is very soothing and absorbs quickly leaving behind no sticky after feeling! It provides a ton of hydration and works to brighten and even skin tone while soothing and healing your skin from within! This is recommended for skin types: Dry, Sensitive, Combo & Normal. I do have oily skin so I’ve been using this primarily at night to rehydrate. It’s also been extremely helpful on days my skin feels irritated and I know it will be perfect for the cooler months when my skin type is more combo. I will most definitely keep this in my skincare rotation and would highly recommend it, especially to my friends with dry or sensitive skin!

What are some of your favorite ingredients in a serum?

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