[REVIEW] Meebak Cica Toner

Cica is getting very popular in skincare products. Meebak Beauty has packed this wonderful ingredient in this convenient, mist Cica Toner! Cica is the star ingredient in Meebak’s products. Cica is very effective in rebuilding the skin barrier, restoring moisture balance, and smoothing out skin texture.

Rapid Review
1. Very fine mist spray
2. Natural herbal scent from the ingredients
3. Soothing and hydrating
4. Great for all skin types, sensitive types should take caution of the lavender oil

I found this mist perfectly hydrating enough for my skin. I’ve used it in replacement of my usual toner and my skin never felt tight or dry. It also is quite soothing as well, perfect for days where you need to wear a mask. The mist also sprays very fine, and you only need a few sprays to cover your whole face. The only con I can find about the mist is that the mister is a bit hard to push down when your hands are damp after washing your face. Other than that, this is probably my current favorite mist.

I would recommend this to all skin types, although since it has lavender oil, sensitive types should patch test first.

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