[REVIEW] Meebak Cica Cleansing Water Pads

Cleansing Pads have been my best friend lately especially in my morning routines. Not only are pads super easy to use, but it’s super satisfying to see how much oil was produced throughout the night with the pads turning yellow. These Meebak Cica Cleansing Water Pads will also be convenient whenever you are traveling, there is no mess or have to worry about the product spilling. There is even a little compartment to store the tweezers that are supplied, which is a super thoughtful design.

Some noticeable ingredients in these pads are cica (tiger grass) for strengthening the skin barrier, lavender for calming, blue agave for matifying, and panthenol for healing the moisture barrier.

My Thoughts
In the directions, it says to “gently sweep over dry face. Rinse if desired, and follow up with a moisturizer.” However, knowing that I have dry skin, these two steps will not be enough for me. So, I use just one pad for the entire face (the pads are soaked very well), and it does not feel abrasive on the skin even with the embossed side. My skin definitely feels refreshed, and prepped for the next step.

One thing that I will point out about these is there is a very strong lavender scent, it took some time for me to get used to. I definitely do not recommend this for any one with very sensitive skin or have allergic reactions to lavender! This is more suitable for oily skin, but it worked well on my dry skin as well ( i just have to follow up with the other steps in my routine, and not jump to using a moisturizer) This is my first product that I tried from this brand, and so far I am pleased! What brands have you tried recently?

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