Review: Mediheal Tea Tree Biome Blemish Cica Toner

On paper this Mediheal Tea Tree Biome Blemish Cica Toner sounds great, with tea tree and soothing ingredients, as well as mild exfoliants. The toner removes any traces of bacteria, pollutants and impurities. Soothes and calms skin. Erases traces of pollutants, impurities, and dirt for clear, healthy looking skin. The toner is mildly acidic to balance skin’s pH and maintain a healthy skin barrier. PHA’s to dissolve stubborn dead skin cells and help minimize the appearance of pores. Nourishes and primes the skin for treatment products to sink into the skin for optimal results. Protects your skin’s moisture barrier with nourishing hydrating ingredients.

The only thing is that I’ve used it every day and night for more than 2 weeks, but I haven’t seen too much results. My skin usually doesn’t need much soothing and I don’t find that this works as fast as other cica toner or serums for soothing, but it never irritates. My occasional break outs are about the same as usual. I have been doing more exfoliation as I am testing some other things so the gentle polishing that this offers is probably negligible.

Still, it didn’t do anything bad to my skin and it’s only been two weeks. I like the ingredients for this time of year for my mature combo skin, so I think I’ll stick with this one for a little longer this summer.

My experience: Your skin will LOVE this toner, mines does! After just 2 weeks, I’ve noticed a brighter, smooth complexion and my skin feels soft, smooth, and plumped! The toner is light, refreshing, no sticky residue, and fragrance-free! Created for all skin types even sensitive skin. The toner is cruelty free, non toxic, and the packaging is a recyclable paper carton. I definitely recommend!

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