[REVIEW] Mediheal Collagen Intensive Lifting Cleansing Foam

Mediheal is pretty well-known for their popular and amazing sheet masks but did you know they also have cleansers? Mediheal Collagen Intensive Lifting Cleansing Foam contains squalane, hydrolyzed elastin, and hydrolyzed collagen, to support the claim of firming and plumping the skin during cleansing. While I remain skeptical of the cleansers ‘lifting’ effects, I do appreciate the intent to add skin benefits.

My Experience:
For some reason, it was very tough for me to squeeze out the product during my first try. It got easier over time but the cleansing foam had a very thick, balmy texture. Once mixed with water, however, it dissolves and lathers into a cleansing foam. I find that a little goes a long way! Overall, the cleanser did a great job of removing build-up of sunscreen, sebum, and dirt off my skin. But I do get a squeaky feeling after so this cleanser might be too drying for dry skin types. The fragrance is a bit too strong for my liking. In fact, parfum/fragrance is listed in front of the collagen and elastin when looking at the ingredient list.

If you like foam, this is a decent cleanser at a great price at $8.99.

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