[REVIEW] Make P:rem Hydrate Me. Micro Tension Cream

Make P:rem claim Hydrate Me. Micro Tension Cream:
1. Non-irritating, natural ingredients, providing all day and night long moisturization.
2. Helps to restore moisture and oil balance on skin.
3. Formulated with natural raspberry extracts, hyaluronic acids and deeply hydrating ingredients. Proven to increase moisture level by 80%!
4. Formulated with 3 types of hyaluronic acids which provides all day and night long moisturization.

My Take:
It’s quite refreshing to read the claims from this brand. Usually there would be a mild long list about what miracles will happen to your face. Make P:rem however, just says that this cream provides a lot of hydration. Well, they nailed it down with hydration. This provides great moisture but doesn’t weight my skin down.

I love the texture of this cream. It feels bouncy and firm to the touch, but melts beautifully into the skin.

Ingredients wise, the list is super long, also bucking the trends of most kbeauty these days. It also has some ingredients that would make a few people cringe alcohol, lavender oil, fragrance, but I’ve had absolutely no problems with it, as per usual.

I enjoy the moisture provided by this cream. Make P:rem is becoming a hit brand for me. Beware if you are sensitive due to some potentially problematic ingredients.

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