[REVIEW] JKosmmune Ceramide Protective Cream

Now i’ve tried many Ceramide creams but this little beauty Ceramide Protective Cream by JKosmmune is gold standard. Its super special why? because it contains 50% highly concentrated mBeta Glucan. mBeta Glucan is extracted from the split-fold mushroom. The molecular structure of mBeta Glucan helps your skin by giving you long-lasting moisture, boosts skin barrier protection, strengthen collagen, fights wrinkles, reduces redness, discolouration and has anti ageing benefits.

The cream also contains: glycerin for hydration, ceramide NP which improves appearance of dry skin, Shea butter is known for it’s UV protection and super hydrating that helps with rough, dry and soothes irritated skin. Plant derived Allantoin which also soothes and calms the skin. It’s anti-irritating properties help with skin turnover and healing. So as you’ve realised this is pretty potent with some seriously great ingredients.

You can probably tell i’ve used mine up and it’s ready to be cut open so no product escapes me. My skin loves this stuff, it absorbs beautifully and its non greasy. This little beauty along with the essence and the serum from the range has transformed my skin. My skin has its bounce back.It feels calm, hydrated , plump no more redness,soreness or irritation, just happy skin.
The jkosmmune is an exciting korean brand that is science and result driven.The Ceramide Protective Cream is for all skin types and l highly recommend it you try it!

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