[REVIEW] Ifter Everyday Balancing low pH cleanser

I’m extremely picky when it is a time to choose a cleanser. I believe in a good cleanser is the base of a healthy skin, so after over a month of experience I wanted to share my experience of Itfer Everyday Balancing low pH cleanser.

In sum:
1. Gentle foam cleanser
2. Smells like mugwort
3. Skin feels balanced, non stripping

Packaging and Texture:
120ml(4.05fl.oz) of Everyday balancing low pH cleanser packaged in squeeze tube. Cleanser has creamy thick consistency, lathers in rich foam and has strong mugwort scent, has silver like green color, after cleansing skin feels hydrated.

My Experience:
I was too hesitated to try this cleanser out, because when it’s a cleanser I’m very dramatic, because my requirement for cleansers is bit higher than other skincare items. I loved this cleanser, it is gentle and hydrating. Creamy texture forms very rich gentle foam and cleanses skin without stripping the skin of it’s essential. Usually rich foaming cleanser tend to bit drying, but this cleanser is very hydrating and skin felt balanced after cleansing. If I have to complaint from this cleanser. It is essential oils in the ingredient list, but honestly I don’t mind EOs in this cleanser, since it is wash away product and not stripping I’m good.

I think this cleanser will suit all skin types. If you’re looking for affordable yet good cleanser this is definitely worth a try. However, this cleanser contains 3 types of essential oils and if you’re very sensitive to EOs this might not for you. Have you ever used this cleanser? How do you like it?

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