[REVIEW] Itfer Beauty Booster Blooming Essence

If you saw my very recent post, I’ve been using some of Itfer products over a month. Today I want to review their Beauty Booster Blooming Essence. By the way, essence is my ride or die of the skincare, this is the most exciting step of my every skincare skincare routine. So I had to start from the essence. Which skincare step makes you excited the most?

In Sum:
1. Slightly viscous texture
2. Strong lavender scent
3. Hydrates skin

Packaging and Texture:
130ml(4.39fl.oz) of essence is packaged in beautiful frosty glass that comes with pump dispenser, which is all recyclable packaging. Essence is slightly viscous and absorbs fast on skin and makes skin hydrated and plumped immediately.

My Opinion:
After regularly using this essence over a month, I felt like this is very “universal” essence. Usually I pick my essences by concerns in one field like calming, brightening or hydrating etc. Interestingly this essence does all together in just one bottle, it hydrates skin very well, also i’ve noticed it brightened and smoothened skin texture too. I find the pump is little bit hard to handle, if I push harder it splash all over and makes mess. I respect Itfer concerned their ingredients should be all organic and I loved their products are fragrance-free. However, this essence contains high percentage of essential oils were kind of disappointing for me.

I think this essence would suit all skin-type except essential oil-sensitive skins. Most benefitted skin from this essence would be oily or acne-prone skin types, since the main ingredient is niacinamide. Also, I think this essence is very suitable for first time traditional essence users. I heard that Itfer is going to change their formula without essential oils so I’m looking forward new formula to try out again.

Have you ever used this essence? How do you like it?

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