[REVIEW] Isdream Retinol Facial Serum Vitamins A+C+E

Today I have been given the opportunity to try out the Isdream Retinol Facial Serum with Vitamin A+C+E. Especially at my age, in my 45’s, I am using more products with retinol in them because of all the benefits that can be seen.

The serum contains 72% organic retinol, that helps with antioxidants, anti-aging, wrinkles, moisturizering and brightening the complexion. As well as firms and tones the skin. A clinical strength retinol. This work on all skin types and genders.

Texture and Color:
Thick white milky serum. Watery texture.

Key Ingredients:
1. Vitamin A – an antioxidant which helps with collagen production.
2. Vitamin C – promotes radiance and helps repair damaged cells.
3. Vitamin E – helps with regeneration and has inflammation properties.
4. Retinol: minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. And helps stimulate collagen.

This serum has a very slight fragrance. When applied to my skin, I felt that it sat on top of my skin and did not absorb instantly, probably because of the thick consistency. I used my jade roller to roll the serum deeply into my skin. My face felt slightly sticky, but after five minutes it went away. I must say that my skin did appear to look more radiant, toned and hydrated.

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