REVIEW: I’m from Pear Soothing Pad

This I’m from Pear Soothing Pad contains 75% Wild Pear Extract! Honestly, I wonder if they’ll release a pear toner/essence cuz I’d love to leave that in my fridge for emergencies on super warm days omg.

Quick Review:
1. Super cooling
2. Basic/ no-frills toner pad
3. Big pads/ nice for toner masking
4. Super soft cotton
5. Super mild scent
6. No stinging/ irritation

When this first arrived, it was sealed airtight meaning none of the essence would evaporate. And I could visibly see the proof cuz the tub was 40% filled with extra essence! It also came with little tweezers to ensure that you keep the product hygenic! I love how the pads were soaked as it makes masking super easy and doesn’t dry out after 10 mins! It also makes for a perfect base for the rest of your routine as it dampens your skin quite a bit. I was expecting this to have a super sweet pear scent but it has little to no fragrance and it didn’t sting my freshly popped pimples which I LOVE.

Quick tip: Place this in the fridge to further enhance the cooling effect!

This didn’t really work as well to calm my irritation as the mugwort Essence, it does a quick and effective job at cooling down the temperature of your skin!

If you have concerns about the amount of waste produced from using toner pads, these pads are made unbleached and are biodegradable in soil within 20 days. Making this product safe for the environment and for our skin! (bonus: certified vegan fabric!).

Sensitive or irritated skin types! Tbh, it works for all skin types and worked well on my combo skin HOWEVER, dry skin types won’t find this hydrating enough.

Not anytime soon. Definitely going to repurchase in the future tho! cuz this tub will last me until the end of this summer. Definitely good for humid/hot countries! Plus, its 60 LARGE pads for $24 on Wishtrend!

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