[REVIEW] IGAME Vitamin C Anti-Oxidation Serum

IGAME Vitamin C Anti-Oxidation Serum has the advantages of fast absorption, no greasiness, this Serum can minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles by producing more collagen. It can also balance oily skin with excess sebum, fights harmful free radicals, and repair damaged skin day and night.

Texture is light weight and permeates the skin quickly without any sticky or oily residue.

Has an odd clinical scent that I’m not a fan of

Personal Thoughts:
This Vitamin C serum is water soluble, non-irritating and contains amazing key ingredients like 15% vitamin c, nicotinamide, vitamin e, & ferulic acid which help fight against free radical damage to the skin. The packaging is also quite nice! As vitamin C can oxidize easily, the design of their bottle protects the serum well from sun exposure.

I only need 2 small pumps to cover my whole face then pat it in for 30-60 seconds until the serum is fully absorbed as the instructions suggested. I really like how it quickly permeates my skin without leaving any tackiness. My skin felt pleasingly hydrated and well moisturized.

I’ve used this serum for over a month as a revitalizing last step before my moisturizer and I love how it transformed my skin. The texture of my skin is smoother, and more vibrant, and less visible pores too! The only thing that I don’t like about it is the scent. The clinical scent was a bit bothering for me. Other than that, this is a really wonderful Vitamin C serum.

Do you have a favorite vitamin C serum?

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