[REVIEW] Heimish All Clean Balm

Who doesn’t know Heimish All Clean Balmt? I remember seeing this product everywhere years ago when I started to explore more about K-beauty. Everyone was talking and raved this cleansing balm so much that made me end up buying one. So I can say that this is my second jar. Let’s talk more about this most loved product of Heimish.⁣

Double cleansing is the most important step of skincare routine, isn’t it? I found it necessary to keep your skin clean before adding other skincare steps. So a good cleansing balm plays an important role.

This All Clean Balm is a daily cleanser with natural aroma oil that contains natural vegetable ingredients. I find this has a smooth balm texture that turns into oil easily once it touches skin’s heat. The oil-form is thin that makes it convenient to massage my face while cleansing. It also emulsifies and turns into a milky form easily that I could rinse it off effortlessly without any residue.

I also find the scent is very relaxing for my preference; it smells like herb and natural.

Well, this is a cleansing balm after all. It should be good at cleaning up your skin from makeup, sebum and dirt. This product does its job very well. As a plus point, this product doesn’t sting or blur my eyes while some cleansing balm/oil does.

Overall, I’d recommend this Heimish All Clean Balm whenever you ask me which cleansing balm you should try first if you are new to it. Have you tried this product? Are you interested to try it?⁣

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