[REVIEW] Heart of Gold Ghost Nebula Oilserum

Today I’d like to show you one of Heart of Gold Skincare magical creations, the Ghost Nebula Oilserum.

Ghost Nebula is a suptuous feast of flowers, berries, fruits & hips, chosen carefully for their ability to firm & heal the skin. The base of this oilserum is grapeseed oil, slow-infused with matcha, frankincense resin, nettle, schisandra, willow, rosehip, alfalfa & slippery elm. You can also find ingredients like blackcurrant, cranberry & pomegranate which have strong calming and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Ghost Nebula might well be the most beautiful oilserum I’ve ever laid eyes on. It has a deep amber colored hue and a texture so rich and juicy. I love to use Ghost Nebula when my skin feels dry, looks dull or when my skin sensitivies start to show. This oilserum gives me an instant ‘glow from within’ look, is incredible to soothe redness and it has majorly helped with scar healing. I use Ghost Nebula on its own on damp skin or mixed in with Sweetbriar Hydrating Nectar for ultimate skin hydration.

This oilserum is one I’d literally recommend to anyone, but it is especially wonderful for aging, dull, depleted, sun damaged, stressed, slow-healing, or lackluster skin.

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