[REVIEW] Goodhabit Rescue Me Bright Awake Eye Cream

The Goodhabit Rescue Me Bright Awake Eye Cream is packed with blue spirulina, blue tansy flower, hyaluronic acid, and blu5 technology (which is designed to minimize the effect of blue light damage on our skin). while I don’t know too much about how blue light affects our skin, this eye cream is a nice and hydrating one, and the tip provides a cooling sensation when you apply.

My thoughts:
I absolutely adore the packaging of this eye cream as it has a nice cooling metal applicator. however, the first night that i used this, my undereye area burned and i was incredibly nervous that i might be allergic to something in the product.⁠⁠ Boldly, i tried it again the next morning and thankfully have not had the same reaction since. to me, it has a slightly strange scent that i don’t know how to describe but don’t notice it once it’s on my eye area!

Overall, i think it’s a decent eye cream that’s comfortable to use though i will need to continue using it to see if it will be able to accomplish all of the things that it claims. in addition, it’s hard for me to say whether the product is able to protect from blue light technology, but i will have to take their word for it for now! it is a bit on the pricier side at $46 for 15mL ($3.07/mL) but if it’s not out of your budget, it’s a nice one to try!

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