[REVIEW] Goodal Apple Aha Clearing Ampoule

I have used Goodal products in the past and really enjoy their Heartleaf collection. I was very excited to try Apple Aha Clearing Ampoule since it is for gentle exfoliation and my skin loves that!

This 30 mL ampoule retails for $22 (30mL), so it is pretty affordable. It contains 79% Apple extract and 1% AHA. Although the lactic acid dosage is really low, the Jonathan Apples they use contain malic acid which act as a natural exfoliant for the skin. It is an incredibly safe formulation and claims that you can use this every day without any irritation but should only start at 3x a week. Since I also incorporate other chemical exfoliants into my routine, I use this ampoule about twice a week in the evenings.

The first thing I noticed is how GOOD this ampoule smells! It smells like apple juice and I literally want to drink it but obviously…. won’t. It sinks into my skin nicely and doesn’t cause any irritation even when I exfoliate on other days! I can’t say how much it has helped for my exfoliation since I think these things take longer to tell especially at a lower percentage, but my skin is usually softer in the morning when I wake up, so I’d imagine something is happening. If you’re looking to get quick results, this wouldn’t be the product for you, but if you are looking for something gentle that will work in the long term, definitely consider this! Goodal has so many other products I want to try, especially their green tangerine line. I can imagine how good that smells already!

How are you staying healthy these days? I eat apples quite often.

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