REVIEW: Gentle Hour Dew It Again Hydrating Toner

The Gentle Hour Dew It Again Hydrating Toner claims to hydrate and brighten your skin as it has niacinimide and glycerin which is a big bonus! Plus, I adore the packaging and stickers it came with! This is the perfect toner for someone with acne prone and dehydrated skin. Suitable for all types though.

1. Hydrating
2. Super lightweight
3. Easy to layer
4. Made products sink into the skin better
5. Mild floral scent, quite pleasant

This has such a lovely floral scent. Nothing too overwhelming and didn’t irritate my skin at all! It fades away quite fast so it doesn’t linger.¬† I love how it has a watery consistency so it sinks in so fast. But the thing is, it leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and plump without making it greasy or sticky. For how runny this is, it sure does provide alot of hydration.

I didn’t notice much regarding the brightening aspect as niacinimide hasn’t really worked well in the past for me. That being said, it may take a little longer for the results to show.

I’d recommend this to combo/ oily skin as its super lightweight and didn’t leave any tacky or sticky feeling! Sensitive skin peeps may want to be cautious as it has fragrance but it didn’t sting my freshly popped pimples or the corners of my nose! Dry skin people on the other hand will not find this hydrating enough. Not even with multiple layers as it’s really that lightweight. This toner is along the same lines as the Roundlab Dodko Toner (except I like that one more as it’s cheaper for the amount you get and has a gentle exfoliating factor in it).

I don’t think I’ll repurchase this in the near future as it was a little boring but it’s a straight forward and simple toner that’s good enough to layer during summertime! For now, I want to explore other hydrating toners.

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