[REVIEW] Fifty7Kind NADI Innate Flow Quell Balsam

One brand that has truly won my heart is Fifty7Kind especially NADI Innate Flow Quell Balsam. Not only because the products are incredible, crafted with so much intention, knowledge and love but most of all because of the person behind the brand Gabrielle, a woman who is so incredibly kind and genuine!

Gabrielle entrusted me, my skin, to try her newest creation Nadi and my skin adored it from the very first second. Nadi is a multi-correctional balm, created to help with destressed and irritated skin and to bring a sense of calm to both skin and mind. From the second I opened the jar, I was immersed by this incredibly calming and comforting scent, ‘a bold and herbaceous nectar of grace’ as Gabrielle so beautifully describes it.

Nadi is filled with the most nourishing, Antimicrobial and healing botanicals. Cupuassu, Murumuru, Ashwagandha, Hawthorne Berry, Eyebright and Red Clover just to name a few. Nadi has the most lovely texture, reminiscent of a sorbet, that quickly melts once heated between fingers. It glides easily onto the skin and feels light yet provides enough hydration. It immediately soothes the skin, increases hydration and helps to prevent and reduce acne over time. Nadi is not just a facial balm, it can also be used as an eye treatment, a hand and cuticle balm, a makeup base and as an overnight mask. This last one is my favorite way to use Nadi, I scoop out a decent amount of product and mix it with a little water (Nadi slightly emulsifies), apply a thick layer on the skin and leave on overnight. I promise you, this is total bliss!

*You may notice Nadi is a little more grainy than it is supposed to be, as the formula is sensitive to temperature changes. This can quickly be resolved by melting the balm but to be honest, I really don’t mind it and actually like the look of it!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Gabrielle to entrust my skin with your beautiful formulations.

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