REVIEW: Equal RXN Oat Milk PHA Serum

I’ve been using Equal RXN Oat Milk PHA Serum for 3 weeks now. I use this after toning and before applying my retinoid and top it off with a light moisturiser! I was able to use this along with my retinoid for 4 nights in a row. Ofc I’d still be careful with overexfoliating but my skin has adapted to the retinoid and I was ready to introduce an active into the mix! I woke up with such soft and smooth skin. The usual signs of irritation can be seen on the corners of my nose. But after using this for 4 nights in a row with my retinoid, I didn’t experience any irritation!

1. Sensitive skin frenly
2. Mild nutty smell
3. Hydrating/ super nourishing
4. Leaves skin smooth
5. Calmed my inflammed spots
6. No irritation

I love the texture of this aswell. It’s similar to a thick serum like Roundlab’s Dodko Ampoule! It applies so smoothly and sinks in without leaving it sticky. Although some humid/hot days, my t-zone got a lil oily so, oily skin peeps may not want to layer a heavy cream over this. Also wanted to mention the nutty smell to this reminded me of coffee? There’s no added fragrance and super mild anyways so nothing to worry about!

Nothing bad! Not even trying to be kind. It’s effective. Gentle. Hydrating. Pairs well with retinoids. Just wish this came in a bigger bottle as I already want to repurchase.

I do want to say that pairing a retinoid alongside this serum has significantly boosted the effects. So I feel like if I were to use this serum alone, it would take a while to see the effects as it’s gentle

Definitely to sensitive skin people or anyone that needs a chemical exfoliator while on retinoids. I’ve been using PHA’s the past few weeks and let me tell you, my skin has become signifcantly glowier and smoother without all the irritation that a AHA like glycolic acid might give.

100%. Packaging, product & formulation are all so suitable for my skin.

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