[REVIEW] Emma Lewisham Illuminating Oil Cleanser

I worked with Emma from Emma Lewisham on a consultant basis on the very late stages of Illuminating Oil Cleanser with Flower Enzymes, Papaya & Chia, and being given a look behind the scenes of the process of formulating an oil cleanser (my absolute favorite skincare item other than spf, as you well know) and being able to have input is one of the highlights of my career so far.

So what’s it like? My absolute must-haves for oil cleansers are that they remove makeup and spf quickly and efficiently without leaving a residue barrier that minimises the ability of whatever you apply afterwards to sink in, but ALSO leaves skin feeling hydrated, not stripped. Tick, tick and tick. This one goes well beyond that, with a lovely blend of antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E as well as botanical enzymes (work like ahas to exfoliate super gently) to smooth and brighten, and Bakuchiol, each providing long term benefits for skin. Has the most divine, silky ‘slip’ in your hands that makes it a pleasure to massage into skin, which will benefit your circulation too. Smells a bit citrusy (that’ll be the neroli and grapefruit peel and natural fragrance) which doesn’t bother picky ol’ me and some would probably describe as uplifting or energising. 100% Naturally derived, 50% organic, 100% vegan.

Unsurprisingly this is now my go-to cleanser.

Does sting my eyes slightly, nothing lasting when I’ve rinsed it away.

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