[REVIEW] Elmt Skin Illuminating Solution

Elmt Skin Illuminating Solution contains 10% niacinamide plus grape and pomegranate extracts to illuminate the skin for a brighter complexion.

Vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, for all skin types
Price: 150ml / currently $19 USD (only available on Wishtrend)

My Experience
This toner has a watery texture with the tiniest bit of slip. It easily fits in my routines because it absorbs easily and doesn’t leave any tackiness. Since it’s for brightening, I have to layer a hydrating toner under it but I don’t mind because I like double toning anyways. I’ve tried using it in different routines, and have decided it’s better for the mornings. It leaves my skin with a bit of a sheen, which is nice (definitely kind of an “illuminating” effect). I think it’ll take some time to see whether this does give a more permanent brightening effect overall, but in the meantime I appreciate the slight glass skin effect and antioxidant benefits!

I’m enjoying using this so far and will post an update after I’ve used it longer. What are your thoughts on this new brand?

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