[REVIEW] Elmt Advanced Calming Solution

Today I am reviewing Advanced Calming Solution from a new brand on Wishtrend called Elmt. Elmt is a Korean brand that is focused on simple, yet effective skincare and their new line, FRAMELESS , reflects that. All of the packaging on the products are simple, to the point, and are eco-friendly. The box the products come in are 100% sugar cane and biodegradable. All of the products in the line are also in a glass bottle that can be reused and recycled. Elmt’s Advanced Calming Solution and other products are $20 ($19 right now as it’s 5% off) on Wishtrend.com.

What you need to know:
1. The advanced calming solution has a water-like texture that easily spreads onto the skin. It has a very plant-like smell as it has no fragrance.
2. The key ingredients are centella asiatica extract and polysaccharides derived from snow fungus to really soothe and calm the skin. The very first two ingredients are centella asiatica leaf water, and centella asiatica leaf/stem extract.

My first impression:
I used this as a toner at first and the product went on pretty smoothly and could be layered. My skin did not really like it when I layered it more than 2-3 times, and it started to feel sticky at that point. I have dry/sensitive skin so I really liked this product for my sensitivity to soothe any redness I have, but it sadly isn’t hydrating enough as a toner for my dry skin.

Although, I did love using this product throughout the day on days where my skin is really irritated/inflamed to cool it down and soothe it. I think I might reuse a spray bottle to put this product in to spray on my face throughout the day to calm and soothe my sensitive skin.

Overall, I really love the brand elmt as they have a great message and really simple, effective products. I think that the brand could be quite impactful in the skincare industry and set a standard for eco-friendly packaging. I might not use the advanced calming solution as someone else would, but I am using it to fit my skin type and to effectively soothe my skin when needed. I look forward to what this brand comes out with in the future!

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