[REVIEW] Earthwise Beauty Imhotep’s Balsam Face Mask

Meet Earthwise Beauty’s latest release, the Imhotep’s Balsam Face Mask. A reparative mask for all skin types, inspired by the Ancient Egypt.

Though this is powder mask instead of a balsam, it was designed to feel like one. Ava describes the mask beautifully as ‘a fragrant compress made of roots, barks, and freshly crushed elemi resin tears’, I honestly couldn’t have descirbed it better. In this mask you’ll find a multitude of calming, nourishing and moistuire-replenishing botanicals such as Hawaiian alaea salt, chamomile, chickweed, roots of mashmallow, comfrey & Astragalus, licorice, birch bark.

I found this mask incredibly pleasant to use. Once the finely milled powder is mixed with either water or a hydrolat (Cistus and Moonlight is wonderful!), it turns into a sticky paste that is fairly easy to apply with either fingers or a brush. Its evocative aroma, slightly honey-like and spicy at the same time, lingers and makes this a true indulgent, luxurious and at the same time relaxing experience. Imhotep’s Balsam improves blood circulation which feels a little tingly upon application and makes my skin turn red for a few minutes. Once the redness has gone, my skin is noticably more radiant, feels smoother & is more hydrated. A lovely mask for all skintypes, but especially to those with sensitive, dry and compromised skin. Truly a beautiful addition to Earthwise Beauty’s mask offering, I literally love them all!

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