REVIEW: Dr. Brandt Triple Active Retinol

I absolutely love the white and rose gold packaging of Dr. Brandt Triple Active Retinol! I just think it looks so gorgeous and luxe! This treatment cream is quite thick and nourishing. The texture of it straight out of the pump looks almost gritty, but it doesn’t feel rough or gritty at all on the skin. It spreads quite smoothly and interestingly seems to have a bit of a blurring effect, which I don’t expect in products intended for evening use.

Cruelty Free
NOT Free (lavender flower extract)

Ingredient Highlights:
1. Stabilized Retinol
2. Encapsulated Retinol
3. Bakuchiol
4. Ceramide NP
5. Squalene

I have desert-dry skin and I don’t find this cream quite nourishing enough on its own for me, so I layer a facial oil or a more occlusive cream on top. I imagine this would be great as a standalone night cream for less extremely dry skin types.

I love that I haven’t had any irritation from this cream at all! In fact, I have found my skin feels healthier and more nourished since I have been using it.

As for efficacy in combatting dark spots, dullness, texture, and fine lines, I already use tretinoin regularly. Unsurprisingly, as my skin is already seeing the benefits that are characteristic of retinol and retinoids, I didn’t see any significant improvement in these areas since I began using this product.

Price Point? $72 USD for 30g

Repurchase? While the price point is not for everyone, if you are in the market for a more luxury retinol cream, I highly recommend giving this beauty a try. It’s a great product!Unfortunately, it’s a bit out of my budget at the moment, so I don’t think I will repurchase this in the near future.

Do you use a retinol or retinoid product?

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