[REVIEW] Dr. Brandt Liquid Sun Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 50

The Dr. Brandt Liquid Sun Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is definitely my favorite US sunscreen that I have tried so far, and by a fairly large margin. I love how lightweight it feels on the skin- it blends easily and effortlessly absorbs into the skin, without needing to spend much time at all rubbing it in. This SPF product also has a beautiful finish that I absolutely love- it makes my skin look quite dewy and glowy.

Cruelty Free
NOT Fragrance Free (Lavender oil, orange peel oil, linalool)

Ingredient Highlights:
1. 17% Zinc Oxide (UV filter)
2. Clary Sage Ferment
3. Plankton Extract

I find that many SPF product tend to dry my already desert-dry skin further and can leave my skin feeling uncomfortably tight, but this product doesn’t dry my skin out at all. In fact, it feels moisturizing on the skin. Oily skin types might be able to get away with using this without a moisturizer, but I find my skin still needs more moisturizing than this product provides, so I use it on top of a moisturizer.

This product has a thick consistency for a serum, but I still find it a bit thinner and lighter in texture than most other SPF products I have tried. On my (quite pale) skin, this SPF product does not seem to leave a white cast, but I cannot speak to the intensity of white cast on deeper skin tones than my own.

Price Point: $65 USD for 50 mL, or you can get the full size product for only $44 USD in the Sephora Favorites Vacay All Day Set, which is available now at Sephora.
Repurchase? $65 USD for 50 mL of SPF is unfortunately a bit out of my budget, but I plan on ordering it in the set as soon as I post this!

What is your favorite SPF product at the moment?

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