REVIEW: Deviant Enzymatic Cleansing Oil

Deviant Skincare is definitely a brand that I have been entranced with after hearing so many great things about it. I also love their emphasis on sustainability and intentional and luxurious formulations. The Enzymatic Cleansing Oil is the first of their products I have tried and I definitely intend on trying more in the future.

Cruelty Free
Fragrance Free

First things first- everything about the packaging is divine. I love the golden wax seal on the box, the minimalist black and white design, everything. My only complaint about the packaging is that the pump is abnormally small for an oil cleanser. As a result, I use about 8 pumps of this cleansing oil a night. It’s a minor nuisance to use so many small pumps instead of fewer, more generous pumps, but it’s not something that bothers me much.

The cleansing oil itself feels quite plush and luxurious on the skin. I absolutely love how cushiony it feels and how easily it spreads on the skin and emulsifies. I don’t find myself wearing makeup often anymore, but when I do, this cleansing oil easily breaks it down and cleans my skin. When it happens to get into my eyes, they do get a bit foggy, but not terribly so. The fogginess clears up quickly.

This cleanser leaves my skin feeling healthy and nourished. I love that this oil cleanser also has enzymes in it for a bit of gentle exfoliation. I personally don’t find this cleanser to be enough of an exfoliant for me on its own but it really has helped to give my skin that extra little bit of smoothness, which I love!

Overall, I adore this oil cleanser!

Price Point: ~$43.02 USD for 100mL

Repurchase? This is a product that just goes into the “not now” category because your girl is on a budget here. At some point in the future when I have a little extra coin to spend on indulging in a luxury first cleanse, I am confident this product will find its way back into my collection.

What first cleanser have you been using lately?

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