REVIEW: [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Lift-Mask

Ok hear me out. I have THE BEST lifting face mask for all you saggy cheeks people. [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Lift-Mask is a product I never knew I needed, but I am really grateful for my impulsive buying habits for it.

I am technically out of the target audience for this product as it is mainly directed to mature skin. However, if you are like me and in winter time your skin is lacking that plumpness and firmness and you are prone to lines caused by dryness – this is an excellent product for you.

You don’t have to wash off the mask – it can be used in the stead of your normal moisturiser morning or night, but u prefer it for nighttime as it can pill a little. Make sure you don’t put too much! I did and my whole face was shedding pieces of mask all day. I’d say use the same amount as your night cream and you’ll be Gucci.

The mask is very creamy in texture and gives you that nice plumping effect. It also has macro hyaluronic acid that holds moisture in your skin and prevents its evaporation, making you look healthier and younger.

It is pricy, but it’s well worth it. Price is $85.

What are your main skin concerns?

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