[REVIEW] Ciaté London Dewy Blush! Glossy Check Tint

There are SO many good blushes coming out right now, (and I am really a blush gal) and Dewy Blush! Glossy Check Tint has filled a gap in the market I didn’t even realise was there, but now I’m obsessed! Created by British brand Ciaté London (pronounced See-ah-tay if you’re wondering) that I know well for nails, but I haven’t used much of their makeup.

Tbh they had me at the word dewy. I ordered this during lockdown 2.0 so didn’t have a chance to swatch it but I was hoping for a sheer, pretty gel cheek tint, and it really delivered with a glass-skin sheen.

UPSIDES: What I love about this is that it’s so far from looking matte, chalky or powdery, it makes my skin look healthy and glowy, without using any shimmer. I use by squeezing a bit onto the back of my hand then using my fingers to tap into the apples of my cheeks and slightly back towards the tops of my ears. You can see what it looks like when applied to one side of my face. It looks equally good on clean skin as with makeup and will make a beautiful high summer product over spf and a touch of liquid bronzer like Drunk Elephant’s D Bronzi. It is sheer but the colour can be built up a bit.

Also love that it’s not a pot I have to dip my fingers into like every other cream blush.

There are 4 shades designed to work on all skin tones.

DOWNSIDES: Cream blushes can feel sticky and not dry down and that’s definitely the case here. It remains slightly damp and tacky to touch, but not enough to trap your hair. Usually I hate that, but I just love the way this looks so much I can deal! (I know, sometimes I am a hypocrite because this is scented like watermelon too strong) It also won’t last all day on skin and probably isn’t a hit for oily skin types, however I can’t be sure, so maybe try in store. I have normal-dry skin and this def makes it look more hydrated and alive.

It’s quite a small tube but a little goes a long way.

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