[REVIEW] Choc Choc Rice Power Essence

I’ve tested Choc Choc Rice Power Essence for over 3 months, in fact, it’s just about to be emptied, so I feel I can give a comprehensive review. The owner Leah is passionate about skincare, and this is her first product she created. There is just something special about your first product right?

I talked about rice having a noticeable brightening effect on my skin before, and I noticed a brightening with this one too. Ingredients highlight include rice bran extract, idebenone, and mushroom collagen. I’ve not heard of idebenone before, but it has 4 times more antioxidants than Vitamin C!

My Experience:
Big points for the packaging. Yes to a good pump always. I immediately thought of the I’m From Rice Serum when I first saw this, and can’t help but compare. Obviously this is an essence and not a serum, but the two are quite similar. The texture is a little more liquid, a light gel that absorbs instantly into my skin. As far as essences go it’s one of my favs, as the essence absorbs instantly into my skin but there’s no drip as it is not watery.

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