[REVIEW] Cacao Pow Deo Bar

The Cacao Pow Deo Bar has definitely become one of my favourite purchases this month, and I’ve only had it a week. Cacao Pow Deo Bar was created when the founder developed eczema under her arms and regular aluminium deodorants were causing flare ups. After trying a bunch of natural deodorants without luck, she decided to formulate her own, and wayhey the cacao pow deo bar was born!

It comes in a solid form, wrapped in paper within a cute little glass jar, and is made from only 3 organic ingredients:
1. Cacao butter
2. Bicarbonate of soda
3. Zinc oxide

And that’s it! No long list of confusing unknown chemicals, and most importantly – no aluminum!

For me the best part of this deo bar is the scent. When it says it smells like chocolate, it’s not lying. I could literally eat this stuff (and have to convince myself every morning not to). Honestly, you won’t believe it until you have a whiff yourself. You’ll be standing in the bathroom just sniffing away for ages. Or maybe that’s just me?

I use by peeling back some of the paper and then apply directly to my underarms after I’ve showered and dried. I gently rub until the bar softens and the product covers the area then recover with the paper and pop back in the jar. Simples. The deodorant has given me full all day protection from smell and still allows sweating unlike those nasty antiperspirants that block you up.

It comes in two sizes, 55g for £10 and 100g for £15. Reviews have said that the smaller has been lasting people up to 5 months which works out about £2 a month. Not bad at all for such a lovely product.

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